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Facebook Group


There are so many ways to shop with Discount Divas! One way to engage is via Facebook. By joining our Facebook Group you can browse posts and watch videos of the products on sale. This is a more social way to shop (in more ways than one!) and is a great example of why it's so fun to shop with us. Follow the instructions below to learn how to get started today!



Log onto to your personal Facebook account and join our Discount Diva's Facebook Group.


When you find something that you love, scroll down to the comment section and type out SOLD, your SIZE, COLOR (if applicable,) and EMAIL ADDRESS.

Example: sold large blue

If the item is currently in stock, you will receive a response to your comment notifying you about your invoice. You MUST pay this invoice within 2 hours or the invoice will expire and move on to the next person on the wait list.

If the item is currently out of stock, you will receive a response to your comment notifying about your wait list status.



To view your invoice and/or wait listed items, go to:

Click on the "checkout" button to be directed to the payment processor and successfully process your order.



Getting an error message when you comment on Facebook? No worries!

Please go to, click on the account link near the upper right hand corner, and log in with Facebook (instead of email) to accept the new permissions. Then you will need to go back to Facebook and make a new comment in order for our automated system to pick up your purchase.