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Sizing varies so much between brands, that's why we always post the measurements! Below is a quick guide to the measurements we make available for our products and how those measurements are captured.

Bust: We measure the bust by hanging the item up and measuring from the underarm seam, across the item, to the other underarm seam. We then double that number for the all around bust measurement! If the fabric is stretchy, we'll pull it just a tad. Each bust size will vary by 2 inches. For example, if a medium has a 40" bust, then a small will have a 38" bust and a large will have a 42" bust.

Length: The length of both tops and dresses is measured from the shoulder seam to the bottom of the item.

Pants: We measure around the waist and the inseam for length.

We suggest measuring a few of your current items this way so you know where your measurements fall based on each item!